Bagel Jay's Story

According to legend, a Viennese baker created the very first bagel in honor of King John Sobieski of Poland, because the king reportedly saved Vienna from Turkish invasion in 1683. The traditional water bagel arrived on American shores in the early 20th century, when Jews fled Austria, Germany and Poland.

In 1976, Jay and his brother brought NY Bagels to Northtown Plaza and started a great tradition of quality food and service in Buffalo. Word of their consistently fine products, quality and service spread until their stores served customers at two dozen locations in the Buffalo Niagara region and outside the area. After a brief hiatus, Bagel Jay has returned!

Tom O’Hara, an Area Manager for the original chain for the better part of six years, joins Bagel Jay as a partner to bring back the best Western New York has to offer.

Remember how bagels used to taste?

That’s what you’ll taste today in every bite at Bagel Jay’s. It’s the consistently delicious deli favorites that you’ve been missing. It’s fresh-baked bagels, signature tuna fish, and homemade cream cheese shmears, the way they’re supposed to be. Bagel Jay is back and proud to serve the finest mouth-watering bagels, finest dark roasted coffees, deli sandwiches, soups, salads, and more.

Bagel Jay's awards

Bagel Jay’s Does Corporate Catering, for groups from 10 to 500!

  • Pickup and Dropoff Services Available
  • Breakfast, Brunches and Lunches
  • Deli Sandwich Platters
  • Salads
  • Beverages
  • Desserts
  • Business referrals
  • Gift certificates
  • Drug reps welcome

Specializing in Family Events!

Breakfasts, lunches and brunches for weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, funerals and other special occasions.

We Are Local!

Since 1976 Bagel Jay's has been a part of the Buffalo community, and we're continuing to invest in it's future. We support Buffalo's independent businesses by buying local first. When we help each each other, we help the environment and the well being of our area. We're proud to support McCullagh Coffee and Palmer Food Service.
Think local, buy local, be local and Buy Buffalo First!